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                                                                                                                               3 Brothers

A restored Three Brothers in full sail off Bridlington

The pre-2013 restored Three Brothers in full sail off Bridlington. Photograph courtesy Mike Wilson.

History of the Three Brothers coble

The Three brothers was built in 1912 by Baker and Percy Siddall in Bow Street, Bridlington - where they had built their

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workshop. It took six months to make. There were no plans; all the work was done by the expert eye of the Sidallís. The usual method was to lay the clinker boards on the keel, and then pull them up using a rope around where the ribs were to be. When the natural hull shape was formed the ribs were cut to shape and the clinkers attached.

The coble was built for Robert Crawford (1870 -1923), who named her Three Brothers after his sons William, George Herbert, and Abraham Sanderson.

Originally Three brothers was varnished, but she was painted white in the restoration prior to 2103.

1916: The boat was sold to Frank Crawford (1876 - 1940), who was Robertís brother- and continued in use as a sailing coble until the 1920ís, when an engine was fitted.
1920s: After the end of WW1 government aid enabled sailing cobles to have engines fitted. Three Brothers was no exception and a propeller tunnel and shaft were fitted by the well-known joiner Johnny Cockerel.Three Brothers at the harbour mouth. Photo Mike Wilson
1930-45: The boat was moved to Whitby, because many other boats from there had been called into service. She was skippered on her fishing trips out of Whitby by John Robert Stoor. At the end of this period she returned to Bridlington.
1946: The boat was sold to a firm building a bridge over the Tees, and used to ferry workmen across the river.
1949: Three Brothers was painted all in black and sold as a transporter in newcastle Upon Tyne, to act as a ferry across the river.
1960: In September the boat was returned to Whitby and bought by Brian Pokley. he returned it to Bridlington. He subsequently sold it to Neil and Arthur Newby who took tourist parties out to sea and also took fishing trips in Bridlington Bay
1980: The boat was sold to the Harbour Commissioners at Bridlington. It was renovated and returned to be a sailing coble, supervised by the then Harbour Masters who were George Wallis and Frank Taylor.
1983: When the boat was restored, the propeller shaft and tunnel were removed and a new keel and bottom were fitted. the boat was painted white. She was fitted with a small outboard engine so she could motor easily out of the harbour entrance before the sails were set.
1986: The boat was handed over from the Harbour Commissioners to The Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society.
1988/89: The Harbour Commissioners received a request from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the loan of a sailing coble to be shown in the Hyde Park Exhibition in May 1989. The Exhibition was to be opened by the Queen and Three Brothers was chosen and sent by road. She was displayed in full sail with a selection of original tools from the Bow Street workshop. A slightly shorter mast was fitted to allow her under the marquee.
2013: Three Brothers had deteriorated while floating in the harbour. With gratitude to all the contributors of funds and time, Three Brothers was completely restored in the Harbour Commissionersí facility so that she could sail for many years to come


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